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How to Create Personal Space

To create a personal space:

1) Draw an imaginary circle around you.
2) Congratulations on task #1. You now own this circle (this is yours to keep so don’t let anyone trespass).
3) Honour the space between your physical body and your circle.
4) Bring awareness to your space (How does it look and feel?).
5) Keep out negative influences. They only contribute to clutter.
6) Carry your space with you. You should never leave home without it.

Manifesting your personal space is simple, but taking ownership of it can be a challenge. Like a closet organizer, the more
aware you become of its purpose, the more you will appreciate why it’s there.

So the next time someone annoys or upsets you, bring your awareness back to your circle and let them know they’ve crossed the line. How often have we asked ourselves, “Why do I always let this person walk all over me?” If you respect your personal space, others will, too.

I believe there are many things you can control in life and many that you can’t, but one thing’s for certain your personal space is free of charge so everyone can afford to have one.