Increase your personal productivity and learn how to make the right choices

The RenYou SIX-STEP Process

I designed the six-step RenYou process based on my experience working with clients to turn their personal challenges into success. Each step was diligently devised with a purpose in mind. The journey I guide you through will bring you to where you want to be.


The first stage of the RenYou Process sets the foundation for your strategic plan. A Questionnaire taken in your initial assessment allows you to be open and honest about yourself and to reflect on your personal history. RenYou respects the right to privacy and all sessions are kept strictly confidential.


In the second stage, you explore the results from the initial assessment. With guidance, you will reflect on your current situation and be able to think ahead to where you would like to be. You will highlight areas to focus on and set priorities.


The third stage is designed for you to get into the driver’s seat and begin navigating your roadmap. By this stage, you will have a deeper appreciation of what needs to take place so you can achieve your goals. Strategic choices and guidance will bring the bigger picture to fruition.


Once your roadmap has been determined, you will be ready to begin moving forward. At this stage you are committed to the RenYou Philosophy and are willing to accept what happens in the next stage. By discovering your choices, you are more confident to embrace change.


Owning your goals will lead you to greater self-awareness. With RenYou, you will be able to challenge any setbacks you may encounter, and use the tools you have learned to keep focused and engaged. To ensure you stay on track, you must be committed and dedicated to achieving your plan.


This is the final and most rewarding stage. At this point, you will have gained a sense of autonomy and purpose. You are responsible for your actions and are ready to unlock the barriers. You will be equipped with the necessary tools to increase your personal productivity, and ultimately make the right choices for you.