You want an honest opinion? Ask a woman.

RenYou for Men

Men have just as many issues and concerns as women do, but often have trouble talking about them – especially to other men. RenYou’s approach is to provide a sanctuary in which men can feel comfortable expressing their thoughts.

Melissa’s first career was in a male dominated industry and over the years many of her colleagues asked her for advice (i.e., relationships, careers, personal challenges) and with much success Melissa was able to guide them and offer solutions without any sugar-coating.  Melissa was always straight to the point and only after enough of them said “you should do this for a living”, did she take their advice.


What’s on your mind?

Career                          Friendships                    Infidelity                       Control

Relationships             Aging                               Fitness                          Morality

RenYou believes that everyone deserves a voice and certainly needs to be heard. Whatever is making you feel less productive in your life, RenYou wants to hear about it.

 I worked with Melissa for many years, she was always a great source of wisdom when it came to dealing with different personalities in our offices. She not only helped me to bring teams together but facilitated growth with many of our Partners over the years. Melissa has a knack for making people feel that they “count” and that’s probably because she is a great listener and does so without judgment. Melissa’s coaching style is what made her such a viable part of our business. On a personal note, Melissa offered solid advice and effective solutions whenever I asked for help”.

-Kenneth, VP of IT, US & Canada.